Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day of Art

I've been making a book today, starting with the pages, which I paint first. My little guy, Jimmy Boo, has been an angel (typical) and has stayed out of the way.

At least until I finished one of the sheets to be used for pages. Then he had to investigate and take over the space for a bit.
Then Beckham came over to chase Jimmy Boo out of the way, and of course, he had to check out the rinse water for my brushes... which he usually tries to either drink or push off the table...
They both left the room to eat and hang out for a bit, so I started another sheet for the next set of pages, and of course...
...Beckham had to jump up onto the wet paper so he could get a closer look. And he left some watercolor footprints, as well. Luckily, this book is for a friend's birthday, and he loves cats. It's challenging to work with them around, but I make do! Sometimes it takes chasing Beckham off with the blue water bottle, though he takes his revenge on that pesky policeman by gnawing on the nozzle whenever he can! If you're asking why I don't just close the door, well, I do. But he will scratch and scratch at it until I open it... and as their litter box happens to also be in this room, I can't keep them out for long. Someday I'll have a house that's big enough to have a mudroom or somewhere better to keep a litter box! Then I can close the door to work, and turn up the music!

I hope you're all having a lovely, maybe creative? day today!!



Terriaw said...

Sounds like a great day in your studio! How fun to see your kitties keep you company, even if they get in the way a bit. One of my cats loves to jump onto my chair before I can get to it.

Tiffini said...

I am allergic to cats:( they are so fun to have around though...maybe just not when your working! I love your little studio space..I want to know more about your painting..your art!

shari said...

Yes, it was a great day of fun!

Tiffini, I was allergic to cats my whole life... until I bought a house and it came with the cat that a previous owner (though not the last owner) had left behind! Somehow, I wasn't allergic to that cat, and took him in. After that, I got another one because my vet thought I was really good with my one cat. Ha ha! The first one passed away, as he was quite old already, and I took in ANOTHER one. (Two total.) Somehow, I am no longer allergic! Weird!!

I will be posting more of my art work... which will be hard, as I don't usually. I'm trying to open up with that, though! :-) Thank you for checking in!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet are your cats. My cat, named Claudia, does exactly the same. She would sit next to me for hours when I work, playing around the table, trying to sit on my laptop or on any spreadsheets on the table. As annoying as it can be sometimes, I love those moments with her. I also realized that it helps me to relax and not to feel lonely - which is important since on the days that I don't travel, I work from home.

Oh and btw - her litter box is also in my work room (#NotIdeal I know) so there is no way I can keep her out. haha

I also love that you have your creative corner. Thank you for sharing!

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