Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heart Wanderings...

I only just stumbled upon Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog today. I know. I'm sure that a lot of you have already been reading her blog, have her books, or maybe know her styling already. What can I say? I'm just now discovering her and her talent... I saw her via ESTEMAG, via decor8... and I am just blown away.

All images above from Pia Jane Bijkerk

To answer her question, where would your heart take you if it wandered away?... Mine has taken me to Pennsylvania. It has taken me to Paris and to Italy, before, but it ended up here in Bethlehem.
View from our apartment in Paris
The canal in Venice
Woods near Bethlehem
Have you ever followed your heart? Where has your heart taken you?

(Last three photos by me.)


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Shari, I would love to collect some moss in that woods!

Brandi said...

I've never seen Pia's work before, so it's new to me! And wow - it's stunning. Thanks for sharing, Shari!

shari said...

Lenore, I think I will... as soon as it stops snowing here!

Brandi, isn't she amazing? Great photographs, great styling... I ordered her books about Paris & Amsterdam. They look amazing!

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