Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Putting Together a Travel Journal Kit

My kit, journal & some of the things inside my kit.
Whenever I go on a road trip, even if it's just for the day to somewhere interesting... like a beach, or a hiking trip, or to a public or private garden, maybe, I like to bring along my travel journal, and my journaling kit.

I've put together a list here for you, in case you should want to be prepared on your next trip to somewhere interesting! You'll be ready to create some lovely journal pages to go along with your memories...

  • You'll need a container of some sort to hold everything. Make sure it's sturdy and won't accidentally open up on its own.
  • A journal, some loose sheets of watercolor or sketch paper, maybe some thinner papers for rubbings, or some sun print paper
  • A ruler, alphabet stencils, paint brushes, scissors, pencil sharpener, erasers
  • pens, pencils (I like watercolor pencils, as they do double duty), watercolors, cake temperas in some basic colors, a bottle of ink, small closable plastic container for rinse water
  • A watercolor pen (you fill them with water, and it has a brush on the end) can take the place of a brush and bottle of water
  • Small glue stick, a bottle of PVA glue, craft tapes
  • Stamps, stamp pad
  • Paper towels & wet wipes
Some optional items that I like to keep, but depends on how much room you have:

  • Wood carving tools and extra corks for stamp making
  • Linen thread, an awl, or paper punch
  • Binder clips and paper clips, brads
  • Some glassine envelopes for stashing found bits into your journal
Obviously, what you decide to put into your kit will depend on the media that you like working with. I like to have a lot of options, as I never know what I'll feel like using when I'm out and about. It's nice to have a smaller kit for traveling abroad, and a larger kit for road trips. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you a few pages out of one of my travel journals. I start a new book for larger trips, like when I was in Europe for three weeks last year. Then I added to that when I went to Mexico and then my road trip across the states, and lastly, my trip to Hawaii in December. So one travel journal held about a year's worth of travel. You could do a few loose pages for each trip and then bind them together, if you liked. There are lots of ways to chronicle a journey... it's all up to you! 


Terriaw said...

Boy do we ever think alike, Shari! I just wrote a post last weekend that I hope to publish this week on the coolest field kit Michelle made for me for making art when I'm on-the-go. Can't wait to share it. Now I need to add a few of your goodies to my travel kit. Such a great idea to have a list so you can just grab your stuff and go. Makes me want to travel!

luxury tours ireland said...

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