Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reuse ~ Repurpose: Week 9

Okay, I know it's actually Thursday, but I'm all out of whack, blog-wise. So much school work, both on the BYW course and my writing class! I do it to myself, I know. But as I AM paying for this learning, I am also throwing myself in, clothes and all!

I made this, and wanted to share. It's a map bag, and it's filled with candy! It's strong enough to be hung from a door knob, which is how I designed it.

If you would like to know how, I can put together a little tutorial, but it's really easy! And I was thrilled to be able to use my craft tape along the sides. (It's diagonal green stripes, see it?) The recipient of this bag liked it a lot. :-) I mean, come on, it's filled with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in Easter colors! Who wouldn't like it?


Terriaw said...

I adore anything made from maps, so of course, I love this project! Definitely have to look for some old maps to try this. Perfect to fill with candy!

Kayla said...

My obsession with maps and candy is making my heart sing right now. I need one of these.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this Shari - do you think that you could do a little tutorial on how to make one. Maps are so fascinating and this bag is fabulous!

shari said...

I'm so glad you all liked it! I will do a tutorial on it soon! You'll be surprised and pleased by how easy it was to make. :-)

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