Friday, March 11, 2011


My heart goes out to the people in Japan right now, dealing with the aftermath of the fear and destruction of such a huge earthquake and subsequent tsunamis and after shocks. I know what it feels like to experience a large earthquake, having survived being at the epicenter of the Santa Cruz quake in 1989.

There are no good words that I can say, which will help. I just want to send out to the Universe that my empathy is here, and because I let my heart remain open, the grief poured in along with all the good out there. I became painfully aware that when you let love in, you can also accidentally let other things as well.

As I mentioned before, transformations are hard, and sometimes, the hardest is being on the outside of someone else's change. So many people died as a result of the earthquakes and tsunamis. They are on the other side now, and are immune to the pain left behind. It's the people who survive them that are left to deal with the aftermath.

I don't want to add to the grief here. I actually hope that through this series of events, we may find some light and hope. People helping each other, and people sharing their love with each other. It's best not to resist the pain of what is happening, but to accept that it IS happening, and to go to the next step to help those that need it. It's easy to fall into despair, isn't it? It's harder to hold onto the light and shine it for others to find their way through darkness. Let's all hold a light for the people in Japan. They need it very much right now and in the year to come.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully said sis...

Brandi said...

I was up late last night/this morning watching coverage of the quake and the tsunami. One positive that stuck out to me is that Japan was prepared. Everyone was as calm as possible. And another was that the rest of the world went on high alert immediately - no one was going to take any chances.

My heart aches for the nation of Japan today.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Watching the updates so far is so heartbreaking!
I have a soft spot for this nation & its wonderful & talented people~
Take care Shari!


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