Monday, March 14, 2011

Map Bag Tutorial

Hello My Friends, at the request of a few readers, I have put together this tutorial for my Map Bag, from last week's Reuse ~ Repurpose post.
Start with a map, obviously, and decide how big you want it. Just a rough idea is needed, and I figure it out by bending the paper around until I see the height I'm looking for... then cut the paper down.
This sheet, folded up on both sides, with a bottom, is about what I want.
Then fold the sheet in half, cross-wise, giving you a center for the bottom of your bag.
Then fold up from that center-fold, which will be one-half of your bag's base. Then fold the same fold in the other direction, so that when you open up your folds, they will be able to bend straight up, like this:
The folding creates your base
One inch is approx. over a half of the width
I then draw lines down the inside of the folds so that I can see them easily, and I measure the width of the base. You will need to know what one-half of that dimension is so that you can mark a spot that is just over one-half of your base's width.
I mark 1inch from each side, on both of the outer folds
You are going to cut towards the edge, starting from that 1" mark that you made on each end of the bag lines, as shown above.
Use a straight-edge of some kind to steady your hand
This will help to create the sides of your bag...
Fold all the tabs, so you have easy guidelines for gluing
After you cut those one inch lines out towards the edge, you will have tabs for folding. Then put some PVA (poly vinyl acetate) or other paper glue onto just the outside of the small tabs, like this:

Then bring up one side first, overlapping that small tab with the glue on it. Press together, and bring up the other side, and then lay them flat. You can use a ruler/scale to help you press down inside the bag like this:
Now do the other side in the same way, using the ruler to help press down the paper to the glue. You're almost done!
Now you want to find some tape to use along the sides. You can glue the side tabs, if you want to, or just use the tape, as I did. Measure the height of your bag, and then cut the tape a little long to fold over the top and bottom of the bag.

You're so close to finished now! If you're filling with candy, or a gift, now's the time to put it into the bag. Next we need to close it... Fold over the top of the bag, giving yourself enough space to punch a hole.

You didn't think J Boo wasn't around, did you?
I like to use a leather lace, because I think it looks good with the map, but you can use anything... ribbon, ties, string, whatever floats your boat! I tried to keep the strap long enough for putting over a doorknob, as that was it's purpose for me. You can make the strap to suit your fancy.
Whoever it's for is sure to love it! And once you've done it the first time, it gets way easier, and you can modify the design to your heart's content!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now go out there and make a map bag! xoxo


Tiffini said...

this is adorable! my daughter would love this. I love old maps and book pages. Great idea...keep it coming:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shari - fantastic tutorial which I know I'll be using :0) really appreciate you taking the time to put it together. Big hugs... Shell xx

Orion Designs said...

I love this Shari! I can imagine lots of mini bags from book pages too.

shari said...

Thanks, Tiffini, Shell & Vicki! Yes... book pages would also make lovely little bags! What a great idea!

Terriaw said...

Fun project! I love how simple it looks. Such a cool way to give a gift.

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