Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shhh... Big Shopping Secrets!!

What do you have that you want to share, but when you share it, you no longer have it?

Yes, it's A Secret! However, I'm going to let this little secret out of the bag, because I like to share more than I like to keep a secret! 

When I was living in Los Angeles, I knew I was in the best kind of place to treasure hunt... I love finding great things at great prices, and at the time, I kept these special discoveries to a very close group of friends. However, I'm not there anymore, and I think it would help these establishments if I were to share what I know about them.

Bentwood magazine racks
If you want to find $150-200 pairs of jeans, used of course - I'm talking second-hand shopping here - but used lightly, for $8-12 each, then go to Out of the Closet in Atwater Village! The money goes to help fund AIDS testing for people who don't have the money for it, and the clothes here can be oh so wonderful on your pocket book and your self-esteem! I have found the most awesome jeans here! Boutique jeans that you can't buy just anywhere... and in great condition, too!  I wash everything I get from here, ha ha, but the Shio jeans and the Adriano Goldschmied jeans that I got here were soooo worth it! They fit me perfectly, cost $8 each, had no holes or anything, and made me look like I was wearing $185 jeans. Which I was. No one had to know I didn't pay that much for them! They also have some cool, funky furnishings, sometimes, like these Scandinavian-inspired bentwood magazine racks from the 1950's, which I paid $1.50 for.

If you're not into digging around through a lot of mismatched clothes for your finds, then you might try Crossroads Trading Company, in Silverlake. The organization is a lot nicer looking, but the prices are a little higher... though we're not talking a lot, mind you. It's still super cheap to buy awesome clothes here. And they're picky about what they have in their stores, because they're not a charity, like Out of the Closet is. However, if you bring in your own bag for shopping, they'll give you a token that's worth a small donation, and you can give it to one of three charities that they have at the front desk. They tend to have pretty awesome shoes here, the ones I've gotten didn't look like they were ever worn... it's worth a visit, that's for sure!

Those were my favorite local places to check out, as I lived on Griffith Park Blvd. I'm sure there are a lot more, which I never even got to see! I'm going to start a local hunt soon, and will let you know what places I find around here.... Bethlehem and east!

Happy Hunting!! xoxo

I had a wonderful birthday, thank you all for your well wishes! It was topped off with a piece of chocolate & caramel brownie sprinkled with sea salt. SO DELICIOUS!!!!

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