Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I Got For My Birthday

I had a really, truly wonderful birthday this year, even though I was feeling "off," as I mentioned earlier this week. My friends and family really made sure that I felt the love, being so far away from home! I got texts all day, starting with my best friend, my sister and some of my old coworker friends in California, to my buddies here in Pennsylvania! 

I got loads of messages on Facebook all day long, from childhood friends all the way on up to newly made friends. It was so much fun getting birthday wishes all day long! I got cards in the mail, though not as many as before I was on FB, ha ha! Most of my family are on there now, and a whole lot of my friends, too. It doesn't matter to me how the love comes to me, though! I got many wonderful birthday wishes from my friends in the blogosphere, also! Thank you!! xo

My boyfriend was my personal servant for the day, and he also got me some wonderful gifts! Flowers the day he came home from school on the 22nd, and early in the morning on the 23rd, he went and got fresh pastries to go with breakfast. And he'd taken the day off for me! He made me tea all day, and got me food when I was hungry. He watched "Whip It" with me, and ended up liking it! I already knew he would, though. Cute story! And check out my presents... an old Indian hand carved stamp! I can't wait to ink it up and see what the print looks like!

And.... a series of Glass Blowing Classes!! They start after my writing class is over! I am so excited to learn a new art process!!! How awesome is that, really? I will DEFINITELY be blogging that experience!

So, I just got a ring on the door buzzer just now, went to the door and it was the mailman. He left behind a package for me from another of my wonderful friends from California, Deb... she sent me a birthday box that had homemade biscotti (she's the best at making biscotti!), teas, a beautiful pair of earrings made in Santa Cruz, and a small jade globe, about 1-1/2" in diameter, that sits on a little carved wooden stand. She never forgets my birthday, even though we haven't physically seen each other since I moved from Santa Cruz about 16 years ago! We write each other actual letters all the time, as she doesn't have a computer. I know, I know, ha ha! Luddite! She doesn't even have a cell phone! But she has an actual phone, an answering machine, and she writes me a lot. 

My best friend, Eustacia, is also great about writing actual letters and cards, though she also emails me. We went through a period during high school when she was attending a private school in Colorado, and I was going to school in San Jose, California. We wrote each other all the time because calling was too expensive and would get us in trouble if we did it too much. Those correspondances were what kept us best friends, I think. And luckily, she came home during the summers, so we would hang out and reconnect during that time. My birthday this year reminded me of the joy of friendship. It's really the best kind of gift to receive. After all, you can't help who your family is, (though sometimes you're lucky enough to be friends with your family, like I am!) but you choose your friends and they choose you. It's an amazing thing, and I feel so blessed.

I hope you all have a blessed day... xoxo


jannek said...

Hi Shari, just discovered your Etsy Shop. What gorgeous books do you make! This would make a wonderful gift. Happy blogging! (I'm way behind with BYW course..)

shari said...

Thank you!! I love hearing that someone likes my books. :-)

Yes, I'm behind in class, too... it's okay. We still have a couple weeks after this week to access the site! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Terriaw said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Wish I could have taken you out for a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

Brandi said...

That sounds awesome!! Happy Birthday!

shari said...

Aww.... thanks, Terri! That would've been so nice!

Thanks, Brandi! It definitely was awesome!! :-)

Sonja said...

Awww That's so sweet!
Glad to hear you had a wonderful Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm so late in wishing you a happy birthday Shari - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES - sounds and looks like you had a fabulous day :-)

Big hugs my friend xxx

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