Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Adorable Etsy Shop!

I stumbled upon Element Clay Studio on Etsy a while back... and have been loving it from afar. You guys know I'm not working, yet, so I can only covet things from a distance. This is one of those shops that makes me just itch to buy. It also inspires me, making me want to try my hand at ceramics again... their pieces are so beautifully sculptural and natural.

Anemone Bowl, so cool!

Micro Urchins... love!!
These Micro Urchins remind me of the sea... and indeed are inspired by sea urchins; those spiny, lovely creatures related to starfish, sand dollars and sea biscuits.

Scallop Bowl
The textures are amazingly detailed and the creamy white palette is just so fresh! They would go along well with many different styles of decor!

Chestnut Bowl
Nesting Scallop Bowls
I'm in love with everything in this shop. The lovely interior glazing... the monochrome exteriors, and the ocean-inspired shapes. If I could fill my home with anything, it would be these love seashell bowls and tiles! (When I'm rich, I will!) They fulfill that beach-comber in me, as well as the lover of gorgeous & artistic bowls and dishes. I hope you'll check out their shop! These pieces are truly treasures from the sea!


Brandi said...

I adore that shop! Something about the textures and colors get me.

shari said...

Same here, Brandi... I love their pieces. I wish I were rich RIGHT NOW!!

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