Friday, May 20, 2011

Newvox Art Gallery Opening!

So do you remember when I mentioned that I was going to be selling my books at a local gallery? The Grand Opening of Newvox Art Gallery is already coming up! It's June 11th, and a bunch of my handmade books will be there!

The owner, Reinaldo, has a blog, too. You can check it out here

So... if you're in the area of South Side Bethlehem, PA, why don't you check out the gallery? It'll be full of east coast artists and crafts people like me. The address is 425 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, PA. There are lots of places to grab a bite to eat, like Blue Sky Cafe, one of my favorites! There are also other art galleries on 3rd Street to peruse. One of them has an Art-O-Mat machine... it's called Monsoon Gallery. Plus, it's kind of fun just to walk around this part of town (not all of it, but some of it) to see what's selling at the little boutiques and shops.

I'm really excited to have my books in a gallery! I've sold them at a book store in LA, but I was in a weird space back then, and not producing a whole lot. I've been getting great feedback here on my books. So maybe I'll sell some locally! Wouldn't that be cool? Wish me luck! 


Terriaw said...

Wish I could come to your gallery opening! It looks like a beautiful gallery! This will be so exciting to have your books on display. I bet you are keeping super busy making new books to feature.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Shari - a wonderful opportunity for you - I hope your books do well.

Brandi said...

Break a leg!! You're going to be awesome.

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