Sunday, June 19, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 19

For today's challenge, which was "something orange," I took a few shots last night. I included the sunset, since it wasn't around on Day 12, and because it was orange at the bottom. Also, I liked it because the cloud looked like a big shark or fish!

Today we're going back to Lowe's to get another barrel, more soil, and finish up our herb garden. They're all just sitting along the back walkway. I'm also probably going to finish up making some felt bean bags for Kyle's backyard toss game. He has the part that's a frame with a hole that you compete to toss your bean bags through, but no bean bags. Here's what they look like:

I need to make three more of each color for the game. I used to do a lot of crafts with felt, like make little animals with patterns from an old Japanese craft book by Ondori. That's where I learned how to do the lockstitch, and develop my love of felt crafts. I'm hoping I can find this old book of mine... it's in California still, and buried amongst other boxes. I've got my fingers crossed! An old copy of it is around $40. Buying it new online could cost around $300!! It's out of print and very sought after. Crazy, right?

I hope you're all having a great, summery weekend! The fireflies were out last night, just sparkling the lawns with their whimsical light. I love fireflies!


Terriaw said...

Beautiful oranges! That orange lily is stunning. I can see that shark cloud in your beautiful sunset picture - how cool is that!

I used to love doing felt crafts too. I learned to call it the blanket stitch which looks like the same stitch. How fun to be making a bean bag toss for the backyard. We play frisbee and catch a lot in our backyard - in between gardening chores. Have a fun day with your gardening too.

shari said...

You're right, Terri... it's the blanket stitch. The lock stitch is different... it's been a while since I did any sewing that wasn't on leather!

We like playing frisbee & also made-up games in the yard... including bottle caps into containers, and impromptu art installations on the back brick wall from found objects! So fun!

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