Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time... and the Living's Easy

I recently have been working on another video. I'm not in it, really, other than my feet. But that's because I was doing all the filming! When I'm in Mexico next week, I'll have K take some footage with me in it, so that I can be in one of my little video productions. :-)

I hope you enjoy it! 

Summertime in Bethlehem from Shari Durfey on Vimeo.

Did I mention that I'm loving summer in the east? It's so much more summery than summers in northern California. The daily heat, the humidity, the fireflies, the relaxed air of people starting to take it easy... people fishing in the rivers... it's just a whole other world to me. I may prefer winters in California, but I prefer summers in Pennsylvania. 


Orion Designs said...

You really captured summer in the northeast and it brought back many memories for me. Beautifully done!

shari said...

thanks, vicki!

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