Friday, July 29, 2011

Philadelphia Summer Time Ball Game

I'm here! I might have had to be peeled off the floor, but I've reconstituted myself a bit. It's cooled down about 15 degrees, give or take, so the days are still hot (80-85 degrees F) but it's better than 100+! The humidity is around 73% today, so it's not that easy to be out. But yesterday, I was in Philly, and it was hotter, so I'll take it and smile!

Check this out. I went to the Phillies/Giants game at Citizens Bank Park... it was so much fun! My bro, Spencer, offered up some tickets for the game because he couldn't make it... and it was a blast! First of all, I enjoy watching the Phillies play, generally. I like the team they have right now. But to get to see them play my home team? That was so fun! There were probably about 20 Giants fans there, ha ha, besides me. Four or five were in my row, so that was cool!

K and I drove out to Philly, and parked at a garage in South Philly. We then walked to Varalli to have some tapas before the game. It's sooo good, by the way! The portions are bigger than I was expecting for a tapas place, and everything we got was tasty!! The lobster and crab mac and cheese was a favorite. YUM. Service was great, too, and I tried a new Belgian wheat beer that I liked a lot. So summery.

Lincecum warming up...
After dinner, we walked to the Broad Street subway line and went with many other fans to the stadium. It was so easy and relaxed.... I loved it. Once there, we got seated, and I took a picture of Lincecum, one of the Giants' all-star pitchers. I like that he's called "The Freak" for some reason. He's a wonderful pitcher to watch. ALSO, I got to watch their Closer, "The Beard", who's another one of my favorites.... what awesome power when he pitches. Wow. It was raining when he closed the game, so I didn't get a photo. :-(

Waiting for the fireworks

Afterwards, there was an amazing fireworks show that lasted a long time! It was amazing... At the end, they shot off all these fireworks that each were a different color so that the colors seemed to meld and create new colors, like watercolors running together... it was beautiful! I wish I had gotten a photo, but it was kind of still drizzling, and I didn't want to take a chance with my camera. It was still really hot out, around the 80's, even at night. Crazy. It's hard for me to grasp still, since in California, evening time means cooling time.

Anyway, we had a wonderful night... so beautiful, if a bit wet, and the Giants won 4-1 against the Phillies! (K was NOT happy about THAT. Sorry, Sweetie.) It was a good night for Giants fans, though! :-D And a GREAT night for US.


Brandi said...

That sounds like so much fun, Shari!! I've been dying to take my dad over to a Rangers game, since we've lived within 10 minutes of the stadium since it was built (and we've never gone - we're bad Texans). But the 105 degree heat every single day has left both of us going "eh".

Still, once the summer ends, I think it'd be so much fun! You've just reminded me why.

shari said...

Oh, once the weather cools, then you should definitely go with your dad to a game! They are so much fun! I had an absolute blast! :-)

BTW, it's like a sauna outside here.... so crazy!!

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Isn't Citizens Bank Park great! I love watching the game Phillies play there. Good for you that your team won yesterday.

Beach Coast Style said...

Hi Shari!

So glad you had a good time at the game! I like going to baseball games but it's just so hot here in Texas. I love to eat all the bad foods! (lol)

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