Monday, August 1, 2011

The Cicadas Sound Above

Deep in the heat of summer, the sounds of the tiny maracas overhead are the hordes of cicadas clicking away... their sound is like a gentle surf rushing along a pebbled shore.... I love it.

We'd had some seriously hot days, as you know... and when it finally rained, it wasn't any cooler! I went out for a walk in my yellow boots and shorts, ha ha.

And my leopard umbrella, of course. I love the rain, but I like to have my camera with me, so I need my cover...
Yes, another walk to the cemetery, but it's been a long time since I visited, and I wanted to see if anything had changed. The moss and grass became lush again. The verdant nature of the cemetery is one of my favorite aspects of it. 
And check out my favorite garden... it's blooming like crazy! I love this wild garden! The Gardener Extraordinaire said that he doesn't even know what's going to happen in his garden! I love that. You know me and serendipity! It's a wonderful thing to have magic happen, especially when it's unexpected. That's the best kind of magic.


Brandi said...

That garden is amazing! I bet it's so incredible in person.

-E- said...

pink socks, yellow boots, and a leopard print umbrella?

Sonja said...

Hehe I like this combination of boots, shorts and prints! And that garden is incredible! I've been thinking about gardens a lot, oh how I wish to have one some day! :o)
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog even though I was so horrible at keeping it up while away. :o)

shari said...

Brandi, yes, it's such an amazing explosion of plants and flowers... it's hard not to stop every time I pass by!

E, yes, I'm a different kind of cat. ;-)

Sonja, thanks! Boys wouldn't understand the outfit at all, ha ha. I was happy in my discordancy! I'm glad you're finally back!

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