Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creative Shlump

Is everyone having a good summer? Staying cool? Or if you're "down under" are you keeping warm and toasty?

It's been strange, this first full summer in Bethlehem. I love the heat, really, as long as I don't have to DO anything in it. I adore the fireflies. I loved going to the ball games, where it was so hot, yet it rained a bit, too... that one Iron Pigs game it actually got rained out! It's just so different from what I'm used to. In California, every evening it cools off. You can open your windows to the outside, and let the heat from the day escape, and be replaced by cool air. Here, not so much. I'm not keen on sitting in front of the computer when it's hot out because my room, though I have an AC unit, it doesn't really ever feel too cool these days.

I'm creatively stifled, too. Is it the heat? I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that my studio has become a nightmare again, and I can't get into anything without first cleaning the space up. I've started and stopped this project about three times... I WANT to clean. I DON'T want to clean. The bottom line is that I have no where to put my stuff, and that makes organizing rather difficult. I'm moving one pile of stuff to another area, and that never makes things look neater.

I haven't been Pinning on Pinterest. I haven't been in the Blogosphere too much. I haven't even been taking a lot of photos. My Diana hangs from her strap on the doorknob in my room. 

Honestly, I need some creative electrocution or something. A shot in the arm, and poke in my brain, you know. Nothing has been inspiring me, really. We haven't had a truly good storm in ages, to clear the heat & humidity from the air. I think that would help. I haven't even worked in my art journal! Or my sketchbook! Not since Mexico, anyway. 

I'm asking for your help, friends. Any ideas to get my creativity flowing again? I'd love some fresh input here. I'd appreciate it. 



Anonymous said...

Awww Shari you sound in a real slump and I'm sure the heat you've been enduring must have something to do with it :-(

Sounds like you are overwhelmed a bit with 'stuff' as well and I know you've tried so hard to get it organised. Trouble is, getting creative nearly always means pulling things back out and then you're back to square one!

What do you love doing? What's the creative outlet that you feel most drawn to? Maybe if you simplified and got back to basics (cos we can all get clogged down in clutter).

Or how about thinking at the moment you're having a break from trying to be creative and enjoying some chill time? Letting inspiration find you...

I suffer from creative flunks where nothing appeals or is inspiring - how about taking some rubbings from your favourite graveyard and using them in a journal (ohhh, bummer, forgot how hot it is out there)!

Ummmm - sitting in the shade and doing some creative writing or jotting down future story lines?

Jeeze - not helping much lol. I'd be positively useless in the heat so I know I'd end up lying around reading books and waiting for the cool to come. Hope someone suggests something helpful :-/

Brandi said...

Oh, MAN, can I relate, especially in regards to my jewelry shop. I haven't made any jewelry in months, and I'm totally find with that. The only thing that brings me a little creative boost is photography, and even that is minimal because it's so darn hot outside to shoot.

I have no advice here; I just wanted to stop by to tell you you aren't alone.

-E- said...

a change of diet, sleeping patterns, exercise levels, reading material, sexual activity, or all of the above.

Terriaw said...

I'm with Michelle on her list of suggestions! I usually go through a creative slump like this every year, and it usually happens to me toward the end of the summer. Not sure if it's triggered by being cooped up inside during these hot, humid days, or what.

I think the best thing to do is not force it, just allow yourself some chill time. If you want to feel productive, organizing (what I call putzing) makes me feel better, gets the creative juices flowing.

Sometimes a friend will get me excited again with some inspirational spark. Other times something as simple as reading a book or going to a movie allows your mind to be free to think about something else.

Hang in there and stay cool!

shari said...

E, yes. All of the above.

You guys are all helpful for being so supportive. Really. I appreciate it. I'm looking for a new book... and I'm slowly working on my room. The weather was cooler today, making being in my room a little easier.

I'm hoping to be more regular with blog posts again soon... xoxo

Sonja said...

AWww I'm sure the spark will come back! Extreme heat (well, and cold) will definitely do that to a person :oS
The book idea sounds good, even just browsing around, maybe checking out some things on pinterest?
good luck! :o)

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