Tuesday, September 13, 2011


...is making me wait. It's keeping me waiting! Just kidding. But seriously, I am very excited to be going back to California soon! Woo hoo! I'll be seeing my friends and family again, most of whom I haven't seen in almost two years! I left the Bay Area in January, 2010, and moved to L.A. where I stayed for six months before moving here to PA. Wow. What a trip.

Coastline along Northern California's Highway 1

Some of the things I'm planning for when I return to California (aside from reconnecting with my peeps) include:

  1. Going to the beach with K, and showing him my favorite spots.
  2. Eating dinner at my favorite restaurants in Santa Cruz. Mmm... can't wait!
  3. Eating my mom's food, as she's an amazing cook! K's going to love her food!
  4. Showing K places like San Francisco, Los Gatos and Capitola...
  5. Hanging out with my bestie and her son, my Godson, who's now 13!!
  6. Getting my hair done by my good friend, Joannie, then going out to eat sushi afterwards!
  7. Smelling the salty ocean air.
  8. Sharing a couple lattes and some Ginger-crack cookies with K at Surf City Coffee.
  9. Playing with JoJo, the family dog...
Yes, JoJo is a boy dog.
Something to look forward to!

Shabu shabu at mom's
Something you'd see while driving

Santa Cruz blooms

Fremont's wetlands
I realize that most of my favorite activities involve food. Is that so strange? The Bay Area is well known as the place to go for delicious food. You really can't beat the variety and quality of most of the restaurants in the vicinity. I'm mostly excited to be able to share those places with K. 

A few other things that I know he'll enjoy... The Conservatory of Flowers in SF's Golden Gate Park, the Arboretum, SF's awesome Japantown Center... I'm not sure if we'll have time to check out Yosemite, but that was on my long list. It's such a drive to get there that it might have to wait until another visit. 
My Godson, M, and me on the Merced River, Yosemite, CA
Yosemite rainbow

I'm starting to think we'll have to visit Yosemite.

I think the vastness of California's northern parts will be new to him. Everything interesting takes anywhere from 20-60 minutes to get to. Here in PA, everything is pretty close together. Something that's 20-30 minutes away is thought to be "far." But I think he'll get used to it pretty quickly. In California, it's not always about the destination. It's more about the journey. It's so beautiful there... I don't think he'll mind the driving at all.

Driving in No. Cal


StarletStarlet said...

Food is the heart of everything that I plan! LOL. So it is not strange that most of your activities revolves around food.

Especially in Bay Area, there is just SO MUCH GOOD FOOOOD!!

Are you going to move back here or just a visit?

shari said...

Oh good, it's not just me! ;-)

I'm just visiting this time. I plan on going to get some yummy Thai food, and dim sum, too!! They don't have dim sum here in Bethlehem!

Terriaw said...

Sounds like a great trip! How fun to see the country in between by driving.

Have to admit I'm not a fan of dim sum - had it a couple times when visiting my sister in China. I do know what you mean about looking forward to trying those foods that you love and can't get in your locale! Eating is a great source of entertainment!

-E- said...

oh man, sounds like a great trip. i have to admit that colorado is the 2nd best state after california.

Orion Designs said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip you have planned. Wish I could tag along -- especially the part about eating your mom's cooking!

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