Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sensational Fall Colors~

These days are full of color. The trees are resplendent in their glorious fall foliage! I walk around with my camera out half the time and my phone out the other half! (My mouth open the entire time, probably catching a few flies... yuck!)

Due to the season, K & I have pulled out an autumn-themed Charles Wysocki puzzle. He has puzzles for every time of year! They're fun to do because of all their little scenes within the puzzle. 

Of course, the cats get up on the table where the puzzle is... and when Beckham gets up there, he struts about, shaking a foot with a puzzle-piece stuck to it, tossing the puzzle piece across the room. One foot shakes, one puzzle piece flies, another foot shakes, another puzzle piece flies in a different direction; walk, flick, fly, walk, flick, fly... Argh! I chase him off, of course, but five minutes later, and he's back up there!

Downtown, people have decorated their flower boxes for the season, too. As I've shown before, there will be pumpkins in there, and squashes, and above, cabbages, dried corn and mums. So pretty!

Our front porch has my lone little piggie for now. But we're not downtown, and so we don't get many passersby to enjoy a festive display. I've thought of doing one for ourselves, except we don't even enter the apartment through the front too often. We typically just go in and out of the backdoor. Our red mums back there are in full bloom! And somehow, the golden cherry tomatoes have kept producing! Probably not for long, though... we heard that it might actually SNOW this weekend! What? In October?? Crazy!! It's rainy today, but it's definitely nippy out. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it snowed today

I hope you're keeping warm, my dears. I have a purring cat tucked into my hoodie, ha ha, as I write this. I'm so lucky to have a cuddle cat to snuggle with on these chilly days. Soon I'll be at work, though, in the warm and cozy cave I work in. Haunting Gregorian chants will be playing in the background, the chocolate truffle candle will be infusing the air with it's warm, sweet scent, and everyone who comes in will eventually float out with smiles on their faces. It's a nice world I live in.... and I wish all that and more on you, dear friends.



LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Glorious season, Shari!
Stay warm & cozy~

Brandi said...


The weather here turned nippy overnight. As much as I would have liked to see it stay warmer for just a little longer (we might see highs in the 70s next week), it's kind of nice to have some fall weather.

Now, remind me of that in January when I'm moaning about the cold! HA!

Diane said...

You should have included a picture of your red mums from your back yard. They are so beautiful and colorful, which is the best part of this season.

Terriaw said...

beautiful fall colors! I especially that picture of the yellow and green leaf. Have fun with your puzzle.

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