Monday, October 24, 2011

The Fabulous Start of Halloween...

So I promised that I'd share one of my costumes... I did the Mad Plaid-er! Check it out...

The whole she-bang
K actually picked out the lashes for me

Keith was the Wolf that ate Grandma. We're doing the Red Riding Hood theme next weekend for our costumes. But I wanted to do my Mad Plaid-er or Plaid Hatter, ha ha, except I didn't end up wearing my plaid cap, since it wasn't much like the Mad Hatter's hat. Neither was the one I ended up wearing, but hey, I spent a total of $4 on my costume! (Pink eyelashes.) I didn't buy any special makeup... though I wish I had more than white face powder for my face. 

I helped with the makeup on him, too
Our host and hostess had an extremely cool Halloween House! Check out just one room...

It was so well done! The bunting over the table had little skulls on each triangle! So cute!
I wish I'd taken more photos, actually. There were a lot of fun little details everywhere. Hilary put a lot of work into the decorations and food for the party!

Hilary as a doll
K's parents came, too, and dressed up... they're so much fun!

K's family
K's brother, Kyle, is an electrician by trade... so here he is if he didn't know what he was doing, ha ha! Perfect for Halloween! Their mom is an owl... so cute! Their dad is pretty self-explanatory! We all had a lot of fun! 

Then, the next day, K and I were having our annual Pumpkin Carving Party... lots of food from Kyle & HIlary's party came over to ours... so much! We had fun carving... mine didn't turn out as cool, but hey, we all have our off-days!

My cranky little piggy

Lion, Cat & Maniacal pumpkin

Cat and Death

Check out the bird Kyle made on Hil's pumpkin!
They all turned out really cool, I think! My piggy looks better in the daytime, haha. Then you can see his little curly tail in back! We all had a good time, and ate a lot, drank some wine (I ended up wearing quite a bit of wine, and K wore lots of pumpkin. One of those kinds of evenings...) We made yummy baked pumpkin seeds with the seeds we got from the gutting of the pumpkins, and they were delicious! Everyone got to take some home with them, like last year. I made pumpkin chocolate chip and pecan cookies, which were a hit! And this is the first time I ever made Buffalo Chicken Dip, which turned out really good! 

Next weekend there are more festivities... can't wait! I hope you're enjoying the season, even if you're not into Halloween. Every chance to make something fun happen should be taken! :-)



LenoreNeverM♡re said...

How FUN Shari!
I bet you fluttered those long eye lashes!

-E- said...

are you saying you already owned that vest?!

Sonja said...

Whoa the cotumes are awesome! haha
loved yours, and the makeup too! So fun!!

Orion Designs said...

You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Such Fun! You all look fantastic and those eye-lashes are 'WOW'!!!

shari said...

Thank you, ladies! I had fun!

@-E-.... YES, I owned that vest already! I wear it quite often, actually! I love it!

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