Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Right after Thanksgiving, K and I started getting ready for Christmas. The city of Bethlehem kind of cherishes this holiday over all others, since it's known as "The Christmas City"! At every corner of historic Bethlehem, there is a lighted Christmas tree suspended above, secured to the light posts & telephone posts. 

The downtown area has Christmas music playing over loudspeakers, telling Christmas stories and adding to the festive feeling all around. So it's no wonder that we were anxious to get set up at home!

Our tree has a decidedly "nature-inspired" theme to it. There are many bird ornaments that I bought last year at Chriskindlmarkt in Bethlehem. I also have tiny shiny pinecone, acorn and walnut ornaments that I bought years ago from Martha Stewart's website. Of course, this attracts our little creatures...

Jimmy Boo is especially attracted to the tree, because he has discovered that if he crouches below it, Beckham can't get to him without causing a huge uproar from K & I. The entire tree jingles and shakes when those two get to clowning around! (Stinkers...) I had also featured my needle-felted Beckham ornament tucked inside the tree, but J Boo kept fishing it out and playing with it! Please note on top of the tree, though... the owl that sits on top. K made that for me! It's a needle-felted baby owl. So cute!
I hope that you are feeling festive and joyful, whatever your traditions are. Life is too short to be a Scrooge! (Or a Grinch, for that matter!) 

Blessings to you... xox


Anonymous said...

Your tree looks beautiful Shari, I love all of the birds, but of course the owl that K made steals the show. Why is it that cats love needlefelted objects - I made two toadstools once only to find them as unrecognizable fluff balls on the carpet - Yoshi must have had great fun with them!

Enjoy all of the magic of the season - life is definitely too short to be a grinch (though I do love the grinch lol)

shari said...

Thank you, Shell! Yes, I agree... the owl steals the show! I think cats like wool... it would explain J Boo's strange attraction to my wool sweaters... he starts making muffins on them whenever he encounters them! (Whether they're on me or laid out on the bed!)

Fenny Setiawan said...

Love the tree Shari. The birdies are just way too cute :).

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