Sunday, December 11, 2011

There's Still Green Out There...

It's definitely getting colder, though no more snow has fallen. The apartment seems always to be a little chilly, and the windows frosted. However, when I'm out and about, I still see bits of greenery, whether in some moss, or an evergreen tree. It's not yet a white and wintry wonderland out here. 

Today I made a pot of vegan split-pea soup. It's one of my favorite soups that I make, with the fresh marjoram that I pick from what's left of our herb garden giving it just the perfect flavor. I can't wait to have some tonight!

I'm halfway through my Christmas shopping, too! I made a promise to myself to buy all American gifts this year, to help out our economy in my own small way. I have to cut spending a bit, though, since I'm only working part time now, and I have groceries to buy, and bills to pay. BUT Christmas is about giving and sharing, and it's my favorite part of the holiday.... I love surprising people with goodies, and it's the one time a year (other than birthdays) when you can give and no one feels weird about it! Some gifts will be hand-crafted by me, and other gifts will be hand-crafted by other local artisans... or made in an American factory. It can't hurt, right?

I have faith that our economy will improve and things will boom for us again. We're a nation of optimists and dreamers.... we see opportunities in everything. That's one of our strengths! I've got no doubt that we'll get back on our feet, maybe as early as next year, with everyone here pulling their weight as best they can. If EACH of us just TRIES to do our part, that's a huge amount of energy going towards something positive and good, right? I know we can do it. Yes, we can.



StarletStarlet said...

Stay warm, dear!

It is getting way too cold in the Bay Area that I can't get over my cold.

Btw, I've never cooked using marjoram and I never know what kind of flavor it would give! Now I'm curious.

canada brat said...

Unfortunately here in our place winter is expected to come this month and also the snow. Porridge really helps me to keep despite of having a cold weather.
Anyway you big guy over there looks cute! I love cats!

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