Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I promised that I would share with you the card I made for Keith, and here it is, at left. It features Beckham and Jimmy Boo, watching the moon.

It didn't scan as well as I hoped, but you get the idea. It's been a bittersweet Valentine's, but I've always kind of liked bittersweet over sickly sweet, anyway. I regret that I haven't spent any time making handmade truffles, or baking some real chocolate brownies, like I would have liked. There just wasn't time this year, due to work and running around. I miss the Blogosphere a lot. I've been trying to stay in touch, but I feel out of the loop, really. I DID actually follow through on a project for Valentine's Day that I had seen and been inspired by on Lillian's lovely blog, Unstitched. Mine wasn't as pretty, but the memories that I wrote down for K made him happy as he reminisced with me... and the last envelope had a gift card in it for a ninety-minute massage at the center I work at! A full-priced one, too, so that when he schedules, he won't get bumped for another client, ha ha!

K has been consumed with family matters, obviously. That's where he needs to be right now. And yet, he brought me home some chocolate covered strawberries last night, and a bar of dark chocolate with hazelnut toffee.... mmmm..... :-) 

Ah well. My studio table is covered, once again making it difficult to work properly, although I recently did a deep cleaning of my room. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I forgot about the Sketchbook Project, and though my book is half-filled, I never sent it in for submission. I missed the date! This year has started out as The Year I Didn't... (fill in the blank.) I need to change that dynamic. 

Okay, it's a work day, so I have to go get ready for the Valentine's Day "Last Minute Rush" which will inevitably happen at a place like where I work. All the guys (and some girls) rushing in to buy gift certificates when they can't get onto the schedule for Couple's Massages. Yesterday was crazy already... and today will likely be more of the same!

Many thanks to those of you who pop by and comment (thus making me feel very happy and connected again) and to those who just check out my blog but don't comment, because it somehow makes the world feel a little nicer and a little smaller... I hope that you continue to visit me. I will continue to try and stay in touch when I can. Maybe share some photos or a thought I have. It's all the creativity I have these days, anyway: photography and musings.

Blessings to you... xox

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Brandi Hussey said...

Happy belated Love Day!

I know things are kind of crazy for you right now, but I just wanted to say it's always so nice to pop in when you've got a new post to share. Makes me feel connected to you, too. :)

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