Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rocking Cats

Okay, I had found this rock that at first I thought looked like a heart, and so I picked it up. It sat in my studio for months, until it changed from a heart to a cat.
I decided to turn it more into a cat with some acrylic paints. After I painted it, I sent a photo of it to K, who promptly told me that he looked like "Alexandre" from an old episode of Home Movies. And that is how he came to be. 

I've always had a fascination with painting rocks since I was really young and my mom bought me a little pamphlet sized book called "Rock Painting," which took the art to another level. The images were inspiring, colorful, and sparked my childish imagination like nothing else at that time. I painted several rocks, which ended up in my mom's garden in the back. Some of them my best friend and I tried to sell to our neighbors as paper weights, "or whatever!" But I can't remember if I ever did sell any of the earlier ones.... they weren't all that pretty, to be honest. You can probably imagine. Ha ha! 

Anyway, I wanted to post this because it's been a helluva week, and I needed some lightness. K's dad passed away last week, and the family had been planning the funeral, then attending the funeral, and now it's all over and I think we're just completely drained. It's a lot of emotional output, and input (from all the people who care) and a person can only take so much, you know? Once there is some time and distance from the past week, I will post my thoughts. Right now, though, I just need to breathe and let go of all thoughts. It's time to just Be.

Thanks to all who have been so supportive, both publicly and privately. You are appreciated and loved.



Brandi Hussey said...

I'm so so sorry to hear K's dad passed away. Passings are always so hard, so my thoughts and prayers are with you and K and the family right now. You absolutely deserve a little bit of lightness, as I know exactly how emotionally draining organizing a funeral can be.

Big, big hugs my friend.

Terriaw said...

So sorry to hear about K's father. It sounds like you guys have been through a difficult few months, especially lately. Hope you can cherish the good times together and hold those fond memories close to your hearts.

Loving the rock kitty! Looks like just the perfect project to distract a heavy heart.

Orion Designs said...

I'm so sorry Shari. My thoughts are with you and K and his family.

shari said...

Thanks, Friends. It's been an emotional whirlwind, but it's now time to heal. We all appreciate the warmth and caring that you share. xox

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