Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creating A New Blog

Hello Blogworld!

Well, now, I thought I was back for good, but then my computer died, and my iPhone app wouldn't work properly, so I didn't do another post since last time I got all fired up. However, I am now motivated by my family to start a blog about my daughter, and share her with them.... as some of you know, I moved from California to Pennsylvania, and therefore, most of my family is out west. I have some that are in the Midwest, too, and one that's here on the east coast.... but most of them are in California. So the best way to share Elison with them, is on a blog!

If you're interested in following and checking out what's up in my family life, you can visit us at and say hello! I'll be posting about discoveries made, recipes for my new tot, and other random family-type things. I'll also probably be asking for advice, ha ha.

The little turkey I love so much
Life has certainly changed a bit for me... it's definitely a lot more work, faster-paced, and filled with a lot more love. And in case you think I've forgotten about my fur babies, here you go...

Jimothy Boo getting love from E
Beckham watching a movie with E
By the way, I will also still be posting on THIS blog... in case I wasn't clear! So visit me when you can... I'll be around.

Blessings... Shari


Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

So happy to have you back Shari! I've missed you. I'll definitely take a look at your new blog. Sounds like life is treating you beautifully lately! xo

shari said...

Thank you, Shannon! You're the first blogger I visited on my return! I've missed you, too, and your awesome blog!! I have a lot of catching up to do... ;-)

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