Saturday, February 22, 2014

Visiting Cape May, New Jersey

Last summer, K's mom wanted us all to take a beach vacation together... It was time to get to the sea, and for the family to get closer to Baby E. I was all for it! I always miss the ocean when I'm away from it, so I was extremely pleased to be able to spend a week near the Atlantic... It's one of the oceans that I'm not too familiar with. I grew up next to the Pacific, and my timeshare is on a Pacific Ocean beach. I'm always happy to get to know another ocean, though!

Lush flowers

Wild berries to eat

Biking to the bay
We stayed at a home that we found on, which is how I booked places to stay when I was in Europe, remember? This worked well then, and it worked well for our local vacation, too! The house we rented had bikes, water gear, pretty much everything we needed for a fun time with family by the beach! We enjoyed biking to the bay to see the sun set... it's one of few places on the east coast where you can watch the sun set over the ocean!
Pathway to the bay

We also liked walking to the ocean early in the morning... but I was surprised the first time we went. This is what we saw...
Horseshoe crabs all over the beach

Getting stuck in the sand after the tide has gone out
I felt really bad for them! We helped a few live ones back to the retreating sea, but I doubt many made it. Turns out it was the time of year (July) for them to come in and find mates and lay eggs, and then die. Sad! But also kind of fascinating.

Who was this fishy creature?

Is this a needlefish? Do they live in cold water?
The other cool thing to see was the tidal patterns on the sand... I loved them.

Lacy patterns from detritus left on the shore
We went out a lot, too... just to eat yummy seafood, and to do a little shopping here and there. The historic downtown of Cape May is quaint. They have a couple of really cute candy shops, and unique children's stores. There were cafes and restaurants, too. One crab shack we went to was right by the water... it had a nice eating area on standard picnic tables. We ate some fresh crab there... it was okay, but the view was really cool.

My favorite beach, though, was Sunset Beach, which is more of a local's hangout. Not remotely like the main beach in Cape May proper. I can't stand those beaches where you have to pay to sit on the sand about a half mile from the edge of the water because it's so crowded. No thank you. I like the quiet little beaches where you can relax and hear the ocean waves lapping at your feet. Also, Sunset Beach had a little fried food shack that was actually pretty yummy! And the sand looked like this...

My favorite kind of sand...
We're going back to Cape May this July, and I'm already looking forward to it! Probably in part to the intense winter we've been having. Boy, I almost forgot what it feels like to have the sun on your face! Mama needs some time on the beach with her family!! It feels so far away right now, but the way time seems to fly since Elie was born, it'll be here in a flash! I need to remember to slow my mind down and savor the moments we're living. {Breathe... just breathe....}

Here's to sunny, loving thoughts to keep you warm this winter...



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