Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Animal Portraits

This past Christmas, I only had a few gifts to give and very little money. The one thing about staying home with baby is that you don't have lots of extra cash for spending on anything you want! 

So I had to get more creative with gift giving. 

My friend/brother-in-law(ish) had gotten a beautiful Shiba Inu pup last year, and was completely enamored by her. So I wanted to create something for him with Yoshi as my subject. That's when I dug out my watercolors and brushes!

Yoshi, the Shiba Inu
Elie and I went over to visit, and I took a few pictures with my phone, kind of secretly, so he had no idea what I was doing... so they were a little blurry, or not composed really well. But I just needed the visual information on her markings, expression, etc. The photo didn't have to be very clear for a watercolor. I wanted to capture her essence, not details, exactly.

Visiting & taking secret photos
It's not perfection, but I think I was able to get her sweet-natured aura, and some of her distinctive markings & coloring. It's only my second animal portrait, so I felt pretty good about it! I had a vintage frame for it, which wasn't perfect, but again: no money! Had to make-do. 

My portrait of Yoshi
I think Kyle really liked it. He put it on his wall, so that's always a good sign! With more practice, I think I'll improve... but really, I'm not about absolute realism. I never have been. (Well, I was when I was learning to draw and paint in school, but you kind of drop that after you learn to do it.) I like being able to capture an emotion, or a quality in the subject... I think that's more interesting. Do you agree? 

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