Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finding the inner river of bliss

I think there must be quite a few of us out there... people who are searching for peace, and enlightenment of some kind, and a well-spring of joy that we know must exist inside ourselves.

I am one of those people.

Sure, it's taken me a really long time to even get to where I am today, which is maybe someone standing on a hill that has a view of that River of Bliss. I've made a lot of poor decisions about how to live my life and learned some hard lessons. At least I've LEARNED those lessons, right? I'm still learning them. I'm happy to learn them.

So, here I am, right now. Standing on that hill. I've got my hand over my eyes to shield them from the blinding sparkles of light that come off the River. The brightness is the kind that is a little bit painful, but it feels good. Like pressure on your temples when your head hurts. I want to keep my eyes on that glittery river. I can feel the joy inside of me that I've every right to have. All of us are entitled to that joy! We are born with it inside of us.... a little stream of happiness that we play in as children .

I'm not sure how it happens, exactly, but we soon stop seeing the wonder in everything. It gets buried inside, maybe. Or sometimes it gets smothered a little. Dig deep, people! That amazing river of life, love, wonder, happiness, BLISS, is running through your soul. It might only feel like a trickle sometimes, but that's only because you haven't dug it out yet. All the rocks and dirt that your life has dropped on you up until now has covered up that stream. It's really always been there, you know.

It's amazing that I only had to search to find it and I found it. (Joy!) So little that happens in my daily life upsets me now. Sure, I can still get annoyed by things, for about a minute! Then I touch my toes (mentally) to that river inside me, and all is well again! I feel happy again, and I know that nothing can take that from me.... it's a wonderful feeling!

The more you bathe in it, the more that lovely joyous feeling gets absorbed into and through you. I swear! Just knowing that inside you will always stay constantly in bliss if you let it, it makes you so strong in yourself. It makes you fearless.

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