Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's the Thing...

So ever since my one-week art intensive class up in Volcano, CA, I've been a little bit obsessed with marbled papers. I wasn't very good at it in my class. In fact, I believe I was the worst at it. However, that gave me the best direction in which to go: UP!

So I bought a bunch of supplies, and sometime in the summer, I gave it another shot. (There's a lot of preparation in making marbled papers, so you really need to plan ahead.) I even taught my husband to make marbled paper, and he was a bit better than I was when I first learned.

We had a great time, too! It was loads of fun, and also quite inspiring to see what my brain had come up with after having a bit of a rest. Now, my sister and her mentor (a clothing designer in LA) liked my patterns, and some of them were ALMOST made into fabrics. My sister had already created the pattern for repeat. Unfortunately, the label got shut down before this could happen. Sadness for so many people!

Still, I'd like to post some of the patterns here for people to see what I did, as I plan to give it another go this week. There will be all new patterns coming up! I'm so excited! I hope you like the papers that I made.... let me know, will you?

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