Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was just thinking, "I need to make time to spend on creative projects."

Do you MAKE time? Or do you FIND time? If you need to FIND it, then does that mean it's lost? Where does time go? Isn't it always there around us? What is time, really? Isn't it every moment? Every moment that happens is time that we are either using or losing. Right?

Or is TIME like money? You spend it or you save it... You find it and lose it. TIME is MONEY. People are always saying that, right? But people who are always saving time, does that mean it's getting stored somewhere for future use? Is it in a Time Bank? No. That's impossible. If you spend all your time, then does that mean that you are always broke? I think it makes you richer. Using your time to DO things makes you wealthier, not poorer. Even if you spend your time relaxing and NOT doing things.

Time is a very strange thing. I hope that I'm spending MY time wisely. I know I watch way too much TV sometimes, but my brain hurts from work and just wants to rest. TV is so brainless that it just feels right sometimes. I just have to remember that it's like medicine: you only want to take what's good for you and not overdose!

Things I like to do when I'm NOT watching TV (LOL) are: reading, gardening, eating, playing with my pets, hanging out with my husband, hanging out with my friends, making books, listening to music (most especially the Flight of the Conchords CD that I got, which is hilariously funny, as well as good music) and putzing around my craft room. Sometimes I like to do girly things, too, like give myself a manicure, or deep-condition my hair. Ha ha! It just feels so nice!

I hope that anyone who might read this thinks about what they do with their time, and maybe remembers that life is about living. Enjoy what's out there and around you. Connect with people. Learn to love yourself by hanging out with yourself. It's fun! Really! (I know I'm a dork. I like that about myself, too!) Go on... get out there and enjoy your time!

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