Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn In Full Swing!

A squirrel's nest!

My favorite tree at the Nisky Hill cemetery

I love seeing glimpses of secret gardens, even from below!

The mums in my yard... the only thing blooming!
I hope you enjoyed taking this autumn walk with me... we went through a cemetery, and my favorite alley on the way back. It's definitely fall, and the air is getting chiller, and the leaves are getting more colorful! Here are a couple pictures of some nice homes in my neighborhood... there's something about historic homes that are still being lived in that I find very lovely and intriguing. I'd love to live in an historic home! They have so much craftsmanship and detail that I find pleasing....

This is my favorite house, which is for sale. LOVE.

 I love the neighborhood I live in! It has the nicest old homes, where people care for their landscaping, and it feels really safe. I love walking around in it... wait until this winter! I'll be doing a winter snow walk, if there's any snow, and take pictures of something that I've not experienced in a looooong time! SNOW!


Orion Designs said...

Wonderful photos Shari -- love those old houses too!

Terriaw said...

What a fabulous autumn walk! I loved every discovery along the way, especially that sneak-peak of a kitty. What a funny picture. I love how vibrant the fall trees look. I think our peak for colors was last week because they don't seem as bright anymore.

shari said...

Thanks, Vicki! There are a lot of beautiful houses here... I'll have to do a "house walk" with my camera soon!

Terri, the colors here seem to be staggered. There are some trees that are REALLY vibrant, and others that are just starting to change, and still others that haven't started yet! It's so pretty!

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