Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Organized

I realized this morning that in order to best get into a creative flow, I must have a space to work in... A space that isn't messy and frustrating! As one of my proclamations for the new year is to organize my crafting & art studio, that will also be my first goal and my first post.

Why, you ask? Because, dear friends, I need HELP!


The space I have to work with is small, but not the smallest. It has great light due to two large windows on one wall, and one small closet. However, as I have several media that I work with, it's not the simplest thing to organize... especially without furnishings other than tables. Currently, money is restricted, and I haven't found inexpensive options for storage yet.
The computer area to the right is going to go away.

So, I figure that I should set up "stations" for the different disciplines. They can overlap, of course, as I don't have unlimited space. But I should definitely have one area for paper projects, journaling and book-making, and another area for soldering, as these two things aren't done simultaneously. I do metal-work, and jewelry making, also, but that could be set up with the soldering things. And of course, another area for computing/blogging, etc. Those are probably the most basic groupings of spaces. The other things (painting, working in felt, and other miscellaneous things) can find a space at any of the three stations if I keep work areas cleared off.
Cat litter box is under the table at right. No where else for it.
Where to start? Maybe by taking a deep breath, holding it, and passing out. Ha ha. Help.

(*Deep intake of breath....*) If anyone has any helpful hints, I would dearly appreciate it. I'm stumped for how actually to begin. Maybe some direction will help me to take a step, which may help to start the momentum going. Seriously, guys, look at these pictures... I need help. :-) 


Orion Designs said...

If at all possible, I would first take everything out of the room (except the computer stuff) and arrange the tables in a way that makes sense for your stations.

Then I would decide which medium belonged to each station and start moving things back into the room. Rolling drawer-carts (or whatever) can come later.

Of course, if you could see my studio area (tiny also) you would probably not take my advice!

shari said...

On the contrary, Vicki... I've already taken your advice! I started removing everything... other than my computer. I also can't do much in one corner because that's Keith's stuff. Once he can clear that out, then I'll be able to finish... the stuff in the hallway will just have to hang out for a while!

Staci Hunter said...

if you wanna go old school, there's pegboard for hanging things on the wall - just reach up and see/grab what you want. I saw a picture the other day where someone had put pegboard inside vintage frames to make it cute. My dad uses glass jars (baby food, jam, and larger) to store thing in his shop - he nailed or screwed them in by their lids on the underside of a shelf or 2x4, which could also be very neat in the hands of someone more artistic like yourself. Old suitcases can be employed/stacked to store larger items that you don't need to access frequently.

I would shoot for one really long workbench to minimize issues with cords/outlets and see if there are any used ikea expedit shelves around - great for labeled boxes/bins and very flexible as they can be used as a room dividers and not just up against a wall. Consider having two heights on your workstation(s) so you have the option of standing. I get super sore sitting at my desk when I get engrossed in a project.

If you want stations in different places I would look into seeing if you can find 2nd hand kitchen carts. You can attach tools/vises, etc. to them and then they can be used to store the materials for their assigned function.

shari said...

Great ideas, Staci! Especially as I really only have outlets on ONE wall, if you can believe that? I do currently use jars and cigar boxes for storing small things... but I don't have shelving, or even cabinets, to put things in/on. Thanks for your awesome advice!

Terriaw said...

Okay, I hate to say it but you do need to organized! LOL! I think you have a great idea to organize by media so you end up with different stations to work at. That would help keep the supplies organized and give you counter space to spread out. I used bookshelves and plastic drawer bins (maybe $20) to organize my stuff. I also got lucky with those shelving units in my closet. And just take it one day at a time, one pile at a time, so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shari you've got alot of 'stuff' lol. Fantastic that you have made a start by clearing it first... I've been there many times as I have small working areas (a crafting shed which I had to fit ALOT of media's into and being organised and clutter free was the only way I could do it. I grouped little areas together, pencils, paints, sewing etc and I went through all of my stuff to see what could actually be got rid of and donated it to the local charity shops. Once I finish with one craft (and it can get kinda messy mid-session, especially if I'm doing mixed media) I tidy it all away so ive got a clear desk ready for the next project cos I just completely lose focus when too much stuff is out.

My best storage items are an old book-case and a four-drawer filing cabinet which holds so much it's wonderful and you can often pick them up second hand for a fraction of the cost.

shari said...

Ha ha, yes, Michelle, I do! More than you can even see in the photos! I think you're right, though. I just need to sort through everything and see if it's all really necessary, as I'm limited on space. I'm a pack rat, though, which makes it hard to let things go! I've got my eyes open for some second hand furniture that will help organize things. Just don't know how I'll get it to the apartment.... thank you for your suggestions!!

Anonymous said...

Lol - luckily for me I have a husband with a big van! He comes in useful sometimes ;0)

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