Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Progress in the Craft Room/Art Studio!

Well, Gentle Readers, using your very good advice, I've managed to put a dent in the overwhelming first project I've decided to tackle that was on my 2011 Proclamation List. Thank you!

 To bring some of my things off the surface of the table, I used the wire pyramid that I had purchased last year, but hadn't been using because the Christmas tree was in its place. I think this will be the new place for it! I like that it's wire, and therefore lets light through, even with things on the shelves. 

As I get more done, I will post pictures and let you know what solutions I came up with, whether from your advice, or something I came up with on my own.... okay, back to work for me!

Thank you all for your wonderful and constructive advice, as well as your well-wishes!

xoxo mu-wah!


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW Shari - that looks amazing (and so much better lol) - I love the pyramid - it looks like it was totally meant to be there and adds such a cool dimension to your work space. Love all of the other rearranging you have done - everything to hand, a clear desk (sigh of deep contentment) doesn't it just make you want to sit there and create something!

Great going - can't wait to see your next pictures x

Orion Designs said...

The first step is always the most difficult. Yay for getting started!

Terriaw said...

Good for you for making so much progress already! You rock Shari! You are going to just love that feeling of fresh, clean counterspace to work at. Great place for your table, right next to the window. Kudos to you for getting so much done so quickly!

shari said...

Thanks, Michelle! Yes, ha ha, it is WAY better!! I'm really feeling the difference already!

Vicki, the first step was a doozy. :-)

Thanks, Terri! I've even gotten some labeling done on the cigar boxes I used for storage since I posted!

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