Monday, July 18, 2011

Nature Walk

Since it has been so summery and nice out, we've been walking more. Yesterday we took a walk along the unfamiliar end of a toe path. In one direction, we'd walked several times. In the direction we walked yesterday, never before. I'm so glad we decided to explore it because there was much to see!

Besides the lovely flowers and dragonflies, there were a multitude of turtles here, also. There was even a loggerhead turtle (we think) which disappeared underwater before I could take his picture. At one point, I saw a slinky movement from the bank across the creek going into the water. As I watched longer, I saw an otter emerge! At least, I think it was an otter... we got the binoculars out to see it clearly, and it was furry, had a long body, a small, ferret-like head, but its tail was sort of bushier than the otters that I've seen before. So I'm not sure what it was, exactly... I just think it was super cool to see a furry river-creature in action!

I got video of it, along with some other sweet creatures. I'll put something together soon to share. I also just loved seeing the reflections of the sky and trees in the water... it's quite magical. The dragonflies were buzzing around all over the place! There were at least three different colored dragonflies, and at one point, they were all grouped together for a family photo. Ha ha, it's in the collage above. 

It's been a really fun summer so far! Has it been good for you, too? I really hope so. 

Post Edit: I found a photo on the Internet of what it was.... an otter!


Click here to getImages &
Otter Pictures - Pictures


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Such lovely photos! I need to walk more. You've convinced me :) xo

Brandi said...

I need to walk more, too, I'm sure. If only it wasn't 100+ degrees!

-E- said...


Terriaw said...

Isn't it great fun doing a treasure hunt while on a nature walk?! That's one of the things I love about being on the trails, investigating a new world that you don't see everyday living in a city. How fun to see all the creatures you saw.

chestnutmocha said...

wow lucky you saw an otter!!!

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