Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog Post Redux

A few years ago, when I first started blogging, no one was reading... I was throwing my voice out into the vastness of the Internet. I wanted to share a couple old posts that I really liked, and hope you will, too! (Now that there's someone who's paying attention... oh JOY!)

Your Artist's Eye

River of Bliss

We Are All ONE

I didn't post many at the beginning... I was really busy being a Project Manager. But I felt the need to express myself in a way that I wasn't comfortable doing at work. Except around a few individuals. So I wrote to share my ideas, and hoped that like-minded people might find me and connect. (And you did!)

I want to thank my readers for visiting me here on my little blog. I appreciate you, and I'm always so thrilled when I get comments. You don't even know how thrilled... I check my phone in the middle of the night sometimes, when I can't sleep. :-) Silly, yes, but true. I wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me. Especially now, when I can't physically hang out with people that are my friends... being in the Blogworld, with you, my friends, makes me feel good. I also know that some of my friends from before I moved DO read my blogs, which makes me doubly happy! I love knowing that I'm sharing myself with them, too, when we can't see each other, go shopping, watch shows together, or just grab a bite to eat together. It feels like I'm still making connections... and I really hope I am.

Love to all...


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